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We wanted to enhance our services by making the consumption of analytical outcomes easy, online, quick and visually appealing; the dMine Dashboards fit the bill on all counts.
Sandeep Mittal,
Business Head of Cartesian

dMine Dashboard Videos

  • dMine Business Dashboard is a User driven, multi-data sources, rich user interface system that offers an integrated Functional and graphical view of business data providing decision makers with the flexibility to create, view, interpret and monitor Business Parameters while minimizing IT overhead.24.1 MB07:06 Mins
  • One of the advanced features of dMine Business Dashboard product is its ability to export data into multiple formats. The dashlets or charts can be exported as images and the entire Dashboard can exported as a PDF File.07.66 MB02:56 Mins
  • dMine can connect to multiple data sources and collaborate information from these data sources All standard databases are supported by dMine and the system seamlessly connects to all these data sources simultaneously. As a part of the initial setup activity, Data sources need to be created in the system. This activity is carried out by the Admin team.04.52 MB01:57 Mins
  • Business Users can create Dashboards in just 3 Easy steps 1) Add Dashlets 2) Update Title and Descriptions 3) Save Preferences and View09.64 MB03:09 Mins
  • Creating Business views or Queries is as simple as drag and drop and can be easily done by business users using a simple wizard. The user can define simple to complex queries using multiple tables from multiple data sources10.9 MB03:31 Mins
  • Creating Dashlets23.8 MB10:00 Mins
  • Sharing Dashboard06.50 MB02:15 Mins